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Family Law Arbitration

If spouses, heterosexual or same sex, cohabitants or civil partners separate, and cannot agree on matters between them regarding children or property and finance, then family law arbitration is an alternative to litigation in court. In many cases, family law arbitration offers advantages not to be found in Court.

In Family Law Arbitration the matter which the couple cannot agree upon is decided by a third party, known as an Arbitrator.

Family Law Arbitration offers the following advantages:-

  • The Arbitrator can be selected and appointed by the parties. This allows an Arbitrator to be chosen who is a specialist in the particular area of law in dispute. Further, some control upon expense can be exercised by selection of the Arbitrator.
  • The parties can decide the procedure to be followed within the Arbitration, within broad bounds, they can decide upon what documents or “pleadings” are going to be required. They can decide upon procedure in relation to hearings, whether the Arbitration should be an exercise involving exchange of documents only, or whether there should be oral hearings, and the form these will take. Once again, expense, and delay, can be subject to control.
  • The parties can set their own timetables, in consultation with the Arbitrator, to avoid delay.
  • There may be a degree of informality, reducing stress and trauma.
  • The couple can seek anonymity in a manner which they could not in litigation. Arbitrations are held in private.

For those separating couples who simply cannot agree on important questions, then Family Law Arbitration offers an attractive alternative to the Court.

Please contact a member of the team on 0131 226 6541, or 0141 332 5666, for advice with regard to family law arbitration.


We offer an initial consultation with one of our expert family solicitors for a fixed fee. During that meeting we will provide you with advice on your situation and your options going forward. For more information please contact a member of our expert team on 0131 226 6541 or 0141 332 5666




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