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At all times I was treated with the utmost respect, I was made to feel welcome and relaxed...

“As a client of the Company of Solicitors, Tilston MacLaurin, later to become Maxwell MacLaurin and now Morisons, for almost thirty years, I feel I am able to write with some degree of authority on their performance. My unfortunate divorce was handled with care and compassion, the buying and selling of my properties was smooth and efficient and the winding up of my father’s estate was accomplished easily and problem free. At all times I was treated with the utmost respect, I was made to feel welcome and relaxed and unpleasant circumstances were made as easy as possible for me by both reception staff and the various solicitors with whom I dealt.

In more recent years I have been involved with Gillian Brown who is without doubt one of the most charming and efficient people I have ever been involved with. Whether it be in the drawing up of my Power of Attorney, helping with my Will or setting up a family Trust her advice and sensitive way in which she explains things could not be surpassed. Gillian encourages questions, takes enormous care in answering them and the depth of her knowledge on all matters I have ever raised is second to none. She is calm, friendly, has a beautiful smile to put the most nervous of clients at ease and her careful explanation of matters complicated and difficult fills us all with utter confidence. My deceased parents were also very impressed with the way in which she handled their affairs when alive as is my daughter now, also a very happy client. Visits to Gillian are nothing but a pleasure, she willingly gives time in responding to the many emailed worries which pop into my mind from time to time, beyond the call of duty, and is, I have no hesitation in saying, a great asset to Morisons.” 

Patricia MacKinnon
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