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Gary Thomas

Banking & Finance / Commercial Real Estate & Construction / Food & Drink / Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism / Rural, Agriculture & Renewables

Gary has over 25 years’ extensive experience in the commercial property sector, helping individuals and corporates to do everything from acquisitions, disposals and letting, through to planning and development.

Gary joined Morisons in 2010. When not at his desk, he’s either playing golf, travelling or keeping track of the latest in motor sport.

“Despite Gary Thomas’ youthful appearance, he has been doing legal work for me for about 20 years, so obviously I think a lot of the service that he provides. It take’s minutes to brief him on a deal because he knows my wishes. He doesn’t let the law get in the way of a deal and accordingly is immensely practical. I hope he doesn’t quote me on this but I don’t mind paying for his services. It’s great to have a professional like Gary at your side.”

Mike Rutterford
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Key Expertise:
  • Acquisitions
  • Disposals
  • Leases – for tenants and landlords
  • Site Assembly, Planning and Development
  • Banking Securities
  • Renewables
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