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Support for Parents

21st November 2016

The firm’s Family Team is delighted to have joined the Donor Conception Network providing support to families through donor conception.

The UK network was founded in 1993 by five families with children conceived through donation and since then continues to provide support, resources and services to parents.

The Family Team was one of the first in Scotland to be involved in surrogacy cases and is active in all areas of family and child law.

Alasdair Docwra, Partner and Head of the Family Team said, “Surrogacy cases set themselves apart from the general body of family and child law. They are very special to us and are a huge pleasure to conduct, as they have a happy ending. The end of a surrogacy case has a real “feel good feeling”, and it is now common for the intended parents to seek to be photographed along with the Sheriff who has granted the parental orders!”

The firm is recognised by the network to provide its families with the specialist legal advice required. Further information is available from Alasdair Docwra.

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