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Scottish court fee increases

30th March 2016

The Scottish Court Service has announced an increase in Sheriff Court fees to come into effect on 1 April 2016.  This will affect all areas of civil court work.  The cost of raising bankruptcy proceedings will rise to £113 (from £111).  The cost of commencing or defending a divorce action will be £150 (previously £147).  To raise or defend an ordinary civil action or summary application (this covers most other types of case) will be £96 (rising from £94).  The various incidental charges along the way in court proceedings (motions, filing written pleadings, fixing proofs, each day in court for an extended hearing and taking appeals to the Sheriff Principal) will all increase as well.  The highest Sheriff Court fees in Scotland are to be found in the All Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court.  The cost of starting or defending proceedings will rise to £214 (up from £210) and the various incidental expenditure along the way will be higher than that in ordinary civil cases.  The lowest fees remain for Small Claims/Summary Causes.  In an action for under £200 the cost of starting proceedings becomes £18 and in all other cases (below £5,000) the cost increases to £78 (rising from £76).

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