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22nd August 2016

Lucy Gannon attended the first of a series of influencer dinners last Thursday which was hosted by industry body Scotland Food and Drink at the Ubiquitous Chip in Ashton Lane, Glasgow.  The evening included 25 Food and Drink business leaders coming together to discuss where the sector wants to be in 2030.

Conversation flowed as did the Chip’s delicious Gin Fizz cocktails. Over seasonal Silver Darling rollmops, the business leaders were asked about the biggest challenges facing their businesses and much of that discussion was around the unknown implications of Brexit and free movement; increased costs to businesses such as National Living wage and employability.

The main course of Kingdom of Fife wood pigeon was enjoyed alongside conversation about opportunities and what success looks like for the F&D businesses in 2030 and all of the leaders were in agreement that the Scottish Brand could be exploited more fully.  Many were quick to identify the importance of collaboration and partnership within the industry and investing in social media for brand growth.

Finally, alongside Blueberry parfait dessert, the group was asked to identify what needs to be in place to achieve the industry’s ambitions and a strong message across the group was that the ‘industry support’ landscape was cluttered and disjointed and needs to be more joined up.

Throughout the evening Lucy was keen to dispel any myths that Morrisons the Retailer was one of the co-sponsors of the dinners, reminding everyone that she was with Morisons (with one “R”) Solicitors!  Lucy will continue to share insights from all of the dinners, the next Dinner is in Aberdeen on 21 September.  #LeadershipForum  #onthejourney

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