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Key observations for Trainee Solicitors

21st September 2016

Morisons has a proud tradition of recruiting qualified law students to complete their two year traineeship following university.

As students across Scotland begin their new university term this week, Tom Hempleman who is celebrating his first year as a fully qualified solicitor, shares two key observations for students.

“The importance of time management was evident from day one of my traineeship and continues to be at the forefront of my mind.   You must always know when work is due to be completed by, be able to adjust your schedule at short notice and complete work to tight timescales. The key is prioritisation. While all work must be completed timeously some work, for example court documentation or missives, have very tight deadlines. Each day I prepare a list of work that must be completed that day and work that I aim to complete that day.

In order to successfully meet client expectations everyone in the firm must work together. A law firm is a large team. It is only by collaboration that client expectations can be fulfilled. Working within four different departments during my traineeship provided a great foundation to develop this skill.”

Good luck to all law students starting their new term!

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