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Just separated and considering divorce? Some advice on where to start

25th January 2018

Just separated and considering divorce? Advice on separation & divorceSeparation can be devastating. No person who enters a committed and loving relationship ever thinks that a separation will occur. Those involved are, for the most part, bewildered, hurt and suddenly very lonely, and scared of the future. Some find the situation so horrible that they simply push it from their minds. Some enter a period of denial that this could ever have happened. Certainly, few will wish to be reminded of their circumstances by going to see a divorce solicitor immediately. Some may feel that they need a period of adjustment, or that they simply cannot cope with involving a lawyer at an early stage. However, the wise advice is that, following upon separation, see a solicitor immediately.

A family law & divorce solicitor will assist in negotiating arrangements with regard to children, and the sharing out of matrimonial property with the least possible acrimony. The collaborative family law procedure may be embarked upon. All of the family law & divorce solicitors at Morisons are collaboratively trained. Whether you wish to undertake the collaborative procedure or not negotiation can be commenced as soon as the parties feel able to address matters. Generally, it is best to avoid delay.

Scots law in relation to arrangements for children, and the sharing of property, is very fair, very detailed, and is practical.

Even learning about the law can be a huge reassurance to someone who has recently separated, and most of our clients leave a first meeting feeling that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. They understand the law, they understand procedures, and somehow an awful situation appears more manageable.

They realise that they will be able to get through this dark period with the assistance of their chosen solicitor, and that there is life on the other side.

So for those recently separated, seek an early appointment with a solicitor, take advice, learn about the law and the procedures, seek guidance and gain reassurance. It will probably feel like the first tentative steps along the pathway to a fresh future.

For more information and advice on separation and divorce please contact a member of our expert separation & divorce team on 0131 226 6541 or 0141 332 5666.

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