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Increase in Scottish court fees

27th April 2018

In what seems to be an annual occurrence now, Scottish Courts Administration has announced that the fees for various stages of court proceedings are being increased from 25 April 2018.

The most relevant fees for repossession cases are (1) the cost of raising proceedings which now becomes £127 and (2) the cost of a motion (application within an existing action) which is now £49.

Also frequently applicable is the fee of the Extractor of the Court of Session (on whom service has to be made if a Calling Up Notice cannot be served on the customer). The Extractor’s fee is now £55.

There are a variety of other fees in connection with “defended” cases, i.e. when the court fixes a proof (trial) or a debate (striking out hearing). In those cases the fee for a record (setting out each sides written case) is £116, for fixing the proof £55 and for each day of the hearing £232 must be paid. The cost of an appeal to the Sheriff Principal is £116.

Also of some relevance from time to time is the fairly new Simple Procedure (proceedings for under £5,000 in Scotland to recover an unsecured debt). The cost of raising such an action now increases to £102.

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