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EU Referendum – It’s your business!

21st June 2016

The UK200 debate, which was held on 11 May 2016, focused on issues that matter to SME’s and small business owners and managers.

The debate was chaired by futurologist and author, Dr James Bellini.

Yvonne Cooper MP made the case for remaining in the EU saying “Britain has a pivotal position in so many of the important networks across the planet.  It is a member of NATO, the Commonwealth, the Five Eyes and also the UN and EU, and it’s that pivotal role which strengthens our global influence, our power, our security, our trade and our economic opportunity.”

Lucy Thomas also argued the case to remain and explained that “this decision is about whether we remain part of the EU, with all of the benefits that brings: remain part of the world’s largest free trade single market, where almost half of our exports go, which has 500 million consumers, which allows our businesses to trade freely, and which is linked to about three million jobs in the UK.”.

Making the case for exit was David Davis MP, “what I want to see is control of my country back.  The EU, unfortunately, is an anti-democratic organisation.  People from Jean-Claude Juncker to Dimitris Avramopoulos have said, in effect, that they don’t listen to the voters when they make their policies.  Look at the consequences of that – that’s why we got the Greece tragedy.”

Douglas Carswell MP, Member of Parliament for Clacton, also argued the case for Brexit.  “If there was a single word I would use to explain why I think we should leave the EU, it is ‘obsolete’. When we joined what was to become the EU, it was sold to us as an economic proposition.  Yes, they said, we might lose a bit of self-government, but it would make us more prosperous. Look across the channel today: who now seriously believes that?”

Although Morisons Solicitors and the UK200 Group both remain impartial, we do hope that the above views help you to make an informed decision about how the result of the EU Referendum will affect how you do your business both in the UK and overseas.

To view the debate in full, please click here.

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