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Donald Trump and CCTV

6th September 2016

It has been alleged that Donald Trump’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire failed to comply with data protection laws by failing to register with the UK’s privacy watchdog.

The Information Commissioner’s Office apparently contacted staff at the resort to ask why it had not registered under the Data Protection Act despite operating a CCTV system handling data on staff, golfers and others visiting the resort.

If you use CCTV on your business premises, you will need to register with the ICO.  There are a few limited exceptions but not many.

If you don’t have CCTV but are processing information electronically using digital cameras, smartphones, credit card machines, call logging and recording systems, clocking machines or the like your business may also have to register.  The ICO website has a checklist of questions to help businesses work out their requirements.

Even for businesses which don’t require to register, data protection laws have a fairly stringent set of principles to be followed to ensure personal data is processed fairly. Consent of employees is an important part of that and is usually contained within the contract of employment.

For further information, please contact Jacqueline McCluskey.

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