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Does it pay to sell a home online?

26th October 2016

A recent article on the BBC highlighted the increasing number of people turning to online agents.  Their “flat fees” appear less than those charged by traditional Solicitor Estate Agents.  However as the article points out online agents charge whether they sell the property or not which can leave people with a bill – and an unsold home.  They describe  a case where a hopeful seller had deferred a £798 registration fee, when the property did not sell, she had to take out a loan to repay the fee and was still left with an unsold house having had no viewers during the ten months that her property was on the market! A lack of communication and an overly optimistic valuation were cited as the reasons for the lack of a sale.

The article also  points out that the significant percentage of properties have been registered online for several months without a sale and that the wishful sellers have, in effect, joined a very expensive listing site.

For the vast majority of people, their house is their most valuable asset and it must therefore surely make sense to obtain professional, impartial advice on both the price to market at and where and how to advertise with a view to securing the optimum sale.  More Property, the Estate Agency division of Morisons LLP, provide such a service and are very transparent about fee charges.

For further information please contact Stephen Murray

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