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Collaborative cooperative

7th November 2016

In sectors such as STEM and the food and drink and creative industries, the collaborative approach to business is becoming increasingly popular, to such extent that organisations like Scottish Enterprise are launching competitions encouraging businesses to apply for prize money to set up collaborative cooperatives.

A collaborative cooperative is an organisation operated and owned by its members for the members’ mutual benefit. Coordinating efforts of a number of businesses can often help achieve more than attempts by individual single business to deliver results.

The aim of a cooperative can be to share in mutual costs and initiatives such as marketing or tendering for the benefit of all of the members.

It is very important for a cooperative to be set up properly.  The Morisons Business Team can advise you on which type of company is appropriate and help you put in place the correct legal structure in order to protect the members from liability and to give the cooperative a separate legal entity from the members.

For help with setting up your collaborative cooperative please contact Lucy Gannon.

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