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Brexit Debate for Business Leaders

20th April 2016

As the Brexit debate intensifies, the UK200Group, the leading association of independent chartered accountancy and law firms of which Morisons is an active member, has launched a Campaign for Clarity for the business community.

A politically impartial organisation which supports over 150,000 SMEs, the UK200Group has raised its concern that the country will face a long period of uncertainty if it left the EU and is already facing questions from clients on how a vote either way will affect their business.

Peter Duff, Executive Committee Member UK200Group and Morisons’ Managing Partner said, “Our campaign aims to inform business leaders across the UK to help clarify the views of both sides as we are facing questions from our clients daily and the rising uncertainty is already impacting on their businesses and the referendum isn’t until the 23rd June. That is unsettling at a time when recovery in the service sector and others remain delicate and business owners need as much information to hand as possible to plan for every eventuality”.

As part of the campaign a live-streamed debate from Coventry University London Campus will take place on 11 May from 5.00pm until 6.00pm.  Chaired by futurologist, broadcaster and author, Dr James Bellini, who presented the Money Programme, Newsnight and Panorama, the debate will include Yvonne Cooper MP who will make the case for remaining in the EU along with Lucy Thomas, Deputy Director of Britain Stronger in Europe.   Joining them will be David Davis MP, who will represent the case to leave the EU, along with Douglas Carswell MP.

The debate will also mark the launch of the UK200Group’s referendum survey which will continue to provide real-time analysis of the changing views of UK business leaders until the referendum on 23 June.

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