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A Weekend South

24th October 2016

As the business of the Family Team develops, there are ever more occasions when it is necessary to travel South. We are developing close links with Family Law Teams in English Firms, with the intention of generating “cross border” work, with such Firms referring cases to us and we returning the compliment.  The White Ensign Association, the charity attending to members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, also have their headquarters in London.  I left Edinburgh heading for Cambridge on 6 October.  Cambridge is an excellent “stepping off point” for a day’s work in London; into London on the Friday morning to the river, and HMS Belfast, lying adjacent to the Shard. HMS Belfast is the headquarters of the White Ensign Association, and little has changed since her days as an active warship. Our Firm can borrow an “office” on HMS Belfast any time we want that applies to every department within this Firm.  The office is simply a cabin once used by a naval officer.  The office has great atmosphere; a bunk, an oak desk, a porthole and an aura of history. All the clients I have met there have loved it. From HMS Belfast I travelled on to the City, and took lunch with the Head of Family Law at a friendly English Firm.

Alasdair Docwra


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