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When love breaks down

5th October 2016

Unlike Hollywood super couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, thankfully most couples don’t have to endure such public scrutiny when love breaks down.

However, contrary to popular belief Pre-nuptial agreements are not only used by the upper-rich.   Clients now regularly enter such agreements as part of their financial planning.  Benefits include:-

  • Protection of assets and wealth accrued prior to marriage
  • Protection of income accrued during the marriage as a result of assets and wealth that have been purchased/accrued prior to marriage
  • Protection of third party gifts or inheritance received during the marriage
  • Agreement on apportioning ownership of any assets purchased during the marriage using pre-marital, inherited or gifted wealth
  • Regulation of how an asset will be divided on separation
  • Regulation of spousal and child maintenance in the event of separation

Our Family Team will be exhibiting at The Scottish Wedding Show on 8th and 9th October and providing further information on pre-nups.  Come by Stand 444B and say hello or contact Morven Douglas.

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