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TOP TIPS: Registering a Power of Attorney with a Bank

10th August 2016
  1. Check the Power of Attorney.  Check to ensure you have Continuing (financial) powers. It must be registered with the Public Guardians Office to be operational.
  2. Call ahead and arrange an appointment.  Call the bank to check if they have a member of staff who deals with Powers of Attorney and arrange an appointment with them.
  3. What to take with you?  Take the Registered Power of Attorney document together with documents to verify your own identity.
  4. Forms. There will be forms to complete which the banks will often ask the Attorney to attend the bank to complete – if you have arranged an appointment to register the document this can be completed at the appointment.
  5. What to ask?  Ensure they have registered on their system that no further correspondence is sent to the granter’s address and that your details are now registered on their system.  If you need a bank card or cheque book request this.
  6. Other points to consider.  It may be appropriate for you to ask that the Bank ensure that the granter no longer has access to the account.
  7. Still having difficulty.  Speak to the Public Guardian’s Office they can assist with general enquiries. If you require legal advice, speak to a solicitor or you may wish to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service

If you would like further information or a more detailed note please contact Lynne Lind.

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