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Five Simple Steps to Getting Your Affairs in Order

11th May 2016

It’s never too early to get your affairs in order and Dying Matters Awareness Week is the best excuse! Join in #bigconversation and consider these simple steps.

1.             Make A Will

It is essential to have a Will in place to ensure your loved ones benefit.  It is a mistaken belief that if you die without a Will, your nearest and dearest will inherit everything.

2.             Grant A Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney enables you to appoint someone of your choice to act on your behalf in relation to financial, property and business matters and also your health and welfare.

3.             Think About Your Future Care and an Advance Directive

Think about how you would envisage any future care you might need.  Also consider putting an Advance Directive (commonly known as a Living Will) in place.

4.             Consider Your Funeral Wishes

Record any specific wishes you have in relation to how and where your funeral is conducted.  These can be recorded informally in a sealed letter written by you or prepared more formally by your solicitor.

5.             Tell Your Loved Ones

Talk to those closest to you about all of the above including any other wishes you may not have written down and ensure they know where important papers are stored and how to access them.

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