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Blind Recruitment - a means to help avoid discrimination

24th August 2016

A report produced by MPs this month finds that Muslim women are the most economically disadvantaged group in Britain. According to the report they are three times more likely than other women to be unemployed or looking for work, and twice as likely to be economically inactive (ie, not looking for work). Those who have the same educational qualifications and skills as white Christian women are 71% more likely to be jobless.

The report makes various recommendations, including name-blind recruitment.  For a number of years now, it has been common practice not to ask for the applicant’s date of birth. A first step to avoiding potential age discrimination.

Has the time come to remove names too? Legislation exists in the form of the Equality Act 2010 which prevents discrimination on the grounds of sex, race and religion or belief, amongst other things.  These are some of the hurdles faced by Muslin women. The legislation applies at the recruitment stage too. But demonstrating a breach of the law is difficult for applicants.  Would removing names from application forms be one small step to try to tackle the findings of the report?

For further information, please contact Jacqueline McCluskey.

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